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With more than 30 years of experience in procurement, planning, finance, stores and logistics, BOM’S and configuration management, he understands the relevance of identification in a structure when a system is implemented. When Naschem implemented their first comprehensive ERP system (from paper to computer), Chris was the system administrator.
He has designed the outlay and methodology with regards to the working of the MRP and the Configuration management of the Naschem ERP system. Therefore the implementation of our RedAnt System would be second nature for Chris, he shall ensure that the implementation meet the expected outcome, within the planned timeframe.


He has more than 30 years of experience in the IT environment, an accomplished system designer and programmer of note. He is one of a few individuals that are capable of design, write the program and implement an ERP system.
He has done statistical programming of highly complicated analysis, flight trajectories of munitions and many more. He is capable of overlaying neural networks on the RedAnt system to do preventative maintenance in future.



Raventech is a boutique consulting engineering firm with experience in various engineering disciplines. Raventech offers Integrated Energy and Energy Efficiency Solutions to ensure that clients can continue operating during energy constraint times and also operate more efficiently. We have the skills to design and implement projects within cost and schedule and can also do the subsequent operation and maintenance of these facilities.
We strive to find turnkey solution for clients’s problems through integrated design and analyses using innovative engineering principles. We have an extensive network of professional resources in industry and academia both locally and abroad that we use to augment our own staff complement to design and implement the best possible solution to address our clients’ needs.

  • Project and programme management
  • Technical and financial management of project
  • Facilitation and management of research and development on integrated solutions for energy, energy efficiency and water applications with links to food, health and education.
  • Facilitation and management of training and development programs
  • Preparation of feasibility reports and studies to investigate the state of energy, water and waste utilization via an asset management process and energy/water/waste audits
  • Development of solutions to address the identified shortcomings
  • Joint project development for potential commercial applications of developed solutions
  • Development of implementation plans and strategies
  • Execution of implementation plans

Raventech’s integrated energy and energy efficiency solutions offering includes the following:

  • Asset verification, management and optimization

  • Energy demand profiling and audits

  • Integrated Energy efficiency solutions (Electrical applications) that include

    • Lighting retrofits
    • Hot water supply systems (Waste heat recovery, Heat Pumps etc.)
    • Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems
    • Pumping and water reticulation and distribution systems
    • Compressors, winders, refrigeration, bulk air coolers and fans
    • Processing plants, smelters, milling and crusher plants
    • Process optimisation and control
    • Power quality and power factor correction
    • Human behavioural change management
    • Operation and maintenance of installed solutions
    • Time of use tariff optimization


  • Energy supply evaluation and implementation for own power generation  
    • Renewable energy (PV, Wind, Hydro, CSP, Biomass, Hydrogen)
    • Waste-to-Energy plants
    • Trigeneration and Co-generation plants
    • Fossil fired (Coal and Gas) plants
    • Hybrid plants and Smartgrids
    • Thermal energy solutions via solar/waste heat recovery etc.


  • Fuel energy efficiency solution for liquid fuels
    • Fuel delivery and use monitoring
    • Monitoring of fuel consumption vs. predefined KPI i.e. km/litre or km/litre/hour etc.
    • Emission monitoring
    • Fuel quality monitoring (On-site and off-site verification)
    • Bespoke additive development and solutions